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Dirty Chai Latte

A mug of frothy chai latte sits on top of a dark wooden board.

Spicy, creamy, and warm, this dirty chai latte is the perfect cozy drink of the season.

Classic chai gets a glow up as a latte with this recipe. My go-to cold weather order at Starbucks is a chai latte (one pump vanilla, one pump toffee nut syrup). What Starbucks can do, we can do better at home!

I brew a double shot of espresso in my Nespresso machine, which is the “dirty” part of this chai latte. The added energy boost doesn’t hurt, either!

After brewing the chai and adding the espresso, all that’s left is to steam some milk and top the latte. I love vanilla oat milk in this, but almond milk is great in it, too. You can use whatever milk you’d like, or even your favorite creamer.

Dirty Chai Latte


  • 1 chai bag
  • 2 shots espresso
  • 4 oz milk almond, oat, or dairy


  1. In a large mug, brew one serving of chai according to package directions.

  2. Brew a double-shot of espresso over top of the chai.

  3. Steam 4 ounces of milk and pour into the chai.

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