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Books for Toddlers & Babies: Building Our Home Library

A toddler sits on a rug looking at a book for toddlers & babies in front of a bookshelf.

To say I love books would be an understatement. I live by the rule “Never say ‘no’ to a new book”. This has led to quite the collection in our home library! I’ve written a couple of posts sharing our Christmas book tradition (find them here and here) and will probably share more of those soon, but I realized I haven’t shared what’s on our bookshelves the rest of the year. To keep things simple, I’ll just start with our books for toddlers & babies.

Most of these are books that we own and love, but some are on our list to add to our shelves.


Disney’s It’s a Small World: Furry Friends

A fuzzy touch and feel tour of countries around the world.


J is for Jazz: a Roaring Twenties Alphabet

The illustrations in this one are adorable!

We don’t have the next 3, yet, but they’re on our list.

A is for America


S is for Santa


C is for Castle

Little Miss Austen: Pride & Prejudice 

Pride & Prejudice is one of my favorite books, so I had to get this one for Lucy. It’s a counting book from BabyLit with characters and elements from the original story.


Would love to add these next 3 to our collection soon:

The Nutcracker


Little Miss Austen: Sense & Sensibility


Peter Pan


Hello, World!

Another one from Disney’s It’s a Small World, “Hello, World!” teaches little ones how to say “hello” in several languages.


Guess Who!

Disney baby: Baby Animals

Lucy loved this one to pieces. Literally. One of her favorites.



Our whole family LOVES the Bruce books! We own all of the books in the series for older kids, (definitely sharing those in a later post). Peek-a-Bruce is such a cute one for toddlers.


Grumpy Bruce

Probably adding this one to Lucy’s Christmas list.


Spring in the Forest

Spring in the Forest is the first one we’ve owned in the series, but I’m making it a point to gather the rest of it. The illustrations are beautiful and the flaps are fun for Lucy to open.

Summer in the Forest

Winter in the Forest


I’m a Ballerina
We actually purchased this book solely based on the illustrator, Joey Chou. He is a favorite artist of my husband’s so anytime we find a book he’s illustrated, we get it!

I’m a Narwhal

Another Joey Chou illustrated book we love.


What are your favorite books for toddlers & babies? I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments. I’m always looking for another good book!

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