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Custom Invitations from Basic Invite

An assortment of custom stationery including invitations, thank you card, and business card.

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Hosting and entertaining is something I love to do. Although the pandemic has certainly put a hold on gatherings for many of us, there are milestones we all want to celebrate. There have been so many creative ways people have thought up to still come together and make loved ones feel appreciated during the special moments in their lives. We were a part of several Birthday parades this Spring and the kids all thought it was so much fun. I’ve seen socially distanced outdoor weddings and backyard come-and-go baby showers. No matter what the event, though, there is one thing they all start with: the invitations.

I’ve spent hours searching invitation websites trying to find the perfect invitation for a party. Basic Invite makes it easy to have personalized party invites customized just the way I want them. I went on their website to create an invitation for Brilee’s Easter brunch she is planning for the Spring. Finding cute invitations to customize was easy -narrowing it down to just one was much more difficult. Over 180 colors means your options for customizing are nearly endless. Plus, you can choose the color for every single element to get exactly what you want. I really liked the instant preview feature so I could see exactly how the whole invitation would look before ordering. We ended up with a beautiful invitation that perfectly matches the custom color scheme Brilee chose.

An assortment of custom stationery including an invitation, thank you card, and business card.


Whether you’re looking for 1st or 21st Birthday invitations, Basic Invite has something to fit every theme. Their peel-and-seal envelopes come in 40 different colors, so you can match the envelope to your custom invites!

Birthday invitation for an ice cream parlour themed party with candies laying on a table.

Making staying connected even easier:

Another feature I really love is their Address Capturing Service. Basic Invite will create a link for customers to share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media to request their friends’ and family’s addresses. Looking ahead a couple months, this will make sending Christmas cards so much simpler!

Fun fact: I used to help my aunt at her Hallmark store imprinting Christmas cards for her customers with foil signature lines. Hand imprinting cards with foil is a slow, methodical process. Each letter is hand placed into a metal block to create a custom stamp. That stamp is then heated and pushed into foil that is laid on each card. Although hand imprinting with foil is a painstaking endeavor, the result is beautiful and adds a nice little extra sparkle. Basic Invite has foil cards available in gold, silver, and rose gold. The raised foil option would be so pretty on a red and green holiday card!

Basic Invite has a full range of customizable stationery, from “thank you” cards to monogrammed note cards. Right now, Basic Invite is offering Darling South readers 15% off with code 15FF51 .

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