Tabletop Fire Pit – Perfect for Roasting S’mores Indoors!

S'mores ingredients arranged on a board with a tabletop fire pit

Looking for something fun to do with the kids this weekend, I remembered that we had everything we needed to make s’mores. The weather wasn’t pretty chilly and not cooperating to be able to roast the marshmallows outside. Fortunately, I had long been planning to build a tabletop fire pit and had exactly what we needed to get the job done.

To make your own tabletop fire pit, you’ll need:

  • a clay planter, or other heat-safe container (at least 10 inches in diameter)
  • Sterno canned heat
  • river pebbles to fill your container (I used two 5 lb. jars to fill my 12 inch planter)
  • acrylic paint (This is optional. I already had the paint on hand from another project)


I was starting with a plain clay planter (similar here), but I wanted it to have a different look, so I decided to paint it. First, I gave the whole thing two coats of white acrylic paint. After the paint dried, I used blue paint to freehand a design around the planter. It’s not perfect, but some kind of blue & white motif is really all I was looking for.

A clay planter bowl, hand painted in a white and blue motif.

Once all the paint had dried, I added my river pebbles (similar here) to the planter. You’ll want to use rocks that are larger than aquarium rock, but really any small size pebbles should work. There was a small drainage hole in the bottom of my bowl, which I covered with a piece of duct tape before adding the pebbles.

The last step is to add a can of Sterno in the center of the pebbles. The website for Sterno says it is safe to roast the marshmallows over the flame. Just be careful not to directly insert your food into the flammable gel. They even sell marshmallow roasting kits, complete with a small screen guard to sit over the flame. You could definitely use that in place of the regular canned heat if it makes you more comfortable, (especially great to use when roasting marshmallows with kids).

The whole tabletop fire pit took about an hour to put together, including letting the paint dry. If you skipped that step, it could be done in about 5 minutes! All that’s left is to grab your skewers and s’mores ingredients and get to roasting!

If you’re craving s’mores, but don’t want to mess with roasting marshmallows, I shared a recipe for my S’mores Cookie Bars.  All the gooey, chocolatey flavor of s’mores -no roasting required!

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