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The Kentucky Castle

pond in a garden at the Kentucky Castle

The Kentucky Castle has always been a thing of curiosity for me. Growing up in Lexington, I have been by “the Castle” (as it was called when I was a kid), more times than I can remember. I always wondered what its story was, who built it, what it might look like inside. For her birthday this year, Brilee asked to visit the Castle for the day.

entrance sign at the Kentucky Castle

Purchased by a group a few years ago, The Kentucky Castle is now open to the public as a hotel, farm-to-table restaurant, and an event space. So, we purchased tickets for Brilee & I to have lunch and tour the castle and grounds.

With Brilee dressed in one of her princess ball gowns, we arrived at The Kentucky Castle, backdropped by beautiful blue skies.

Outside of a castle, with blue sky background

A corridor off the lobby led us into the ballroom to meet our tour guide.

Photo of a wide staircase in a hotel lobby, with chandelier and candelabras

Hallway with gold gilded detail on walls

Our guide began our tour with the lobby, which features a hand painted mural covering the ceiling.

Lobby of a hotel with a view of railing of second floor hallway

Staircase with ornamental crest mounted to the railing.

Chair in a hotel lobby with mirror on the wall

Climbing up the wide staircase, we found cozy, luxurious rooms that are part of the hotel accommodations. Filing back down the stairs, we walked around the den that sits just off the hotel lobby.

Photo of a piano in a den with wood-lined walls.

The Castle boasts a farm-to-table restaurant, and part of the garden sits conveniently just off the kitchen.  Herbs and edible flowers fill rows of raised garden beds. A path is nestled beside the greenhouse, which can be used for events, too! Set back from the castle is a larger garden, cared for by a local high school group. This garden area is where the chickens and goats happily reside, as well.

garden boxes in a row with greenhouse and castle just off to the side

The tour concluded with a delicious lunch spread served buffet style in the ballroom. The staff discovered it was Brilee’s birthday, and then led everyone in singing “Happy Birthday”, while serving her a special dessert. After Brilee’s treat, we were free to wander the grounds.

exterior of a castle turret

pond in a garden

Pond in a garden with pergola

walls of castle garden

The lunch tour is fantastic for exploring the Kentucky Castle and enjoying a meal in a unique setting, too!

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