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A New House

Kitchen in our new house & life update - DarlingSouth.com

When we moved to Lexington a year and a half ago, we expected to be here only a few months. Very quickly, we fell in love with this city and decided to stay. We wanted to take our time finding a new house so we could be sure what area of town to live in. Finding out about baby #3 last summer added a little pressure to the timeline, and by the holiday season I was starting to stress about whether we would be trying to move with a newborn in tow.

We found a house the week before Christmas, and our offer was accepted the day before Christmas Eve. As luck would have it, the house was already vacant and we were able to move in immediately. We closed last Friday, and movers were at our door Monday morning by 9.

It’s all happened so fast, but not a moment too soon. I’ve hit my third trimester and I’m itching to start nesting. Brilee is so excited to have her little sister share a room with her, and even insists the crib be right next to her bed. I’ll have a post all about my plans for their shared room soon. I’m excited to share more of our new home as we get settled in here!

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