DIY Painted Straw Tote Bag

DIY Painted Straw Tote Bag -

Straw bags are a Summer classic, and painted ones are especially popular this year. I’ve seen everything from stripes to monograms, and pineapples or polka dots. A hand-painted straw bag will easily cost upwards of $50, though. I found one straw tote bag with just a simple white stripe that retails for $195! I decided I could make my own for much less and with exactly the design I wanted. Target had straw totes the exact size I was looking for, and at just $7 I decided to get two. Brilee laid her claim on one of the bags and requested a flamingo to be painted on it.

DIY Painted Straw Tote Bag -

For this project, I used some acrylic paints we already had, but I think chalk paint would give it a pretty look, too. Be sure not to use a paint that its terrible thin or runny, and definitely stay away from paint markers for this. I tested a small spot with a paint marker to draw in some detail, and it started to spread and bleed too much.

Since Brilee just wanted a single flamingo on her bag, I decided to freehand it with the paintbrush. If you feel like you need a little more guidance, or want something with more detail, you could easily find a stencil online to print out and use. Pinterest also has so many painted bags to draw inspiration from.

It took less than an hour to paint the little flamingo. It even dried fairly quickly, too.

DIY Painted Straw Tote Bag -

Brilee really enjoyed getting to model her finished bag!

DIY Painted Straw Tote Bag - DIY Painted Straw Tote Bag -

If you want to paint your own straw bag you’ll need:

  • paint
  • brushes
  • straw bag
  • stencil (if you want to use one)

I suggest deciding on whether to use a stencil first and then choosing your paint brush. If you’re using a stencil, these brushes are great for stippling the paint on within the stencil, or try these sponge brushes. If you want to paint a cute phrase or just freehand an image, a set of brushes like this one would work great.

Once you’ve picked your design and gathered your brushes and paint, you’re all set! If you try this for yourself, I would love to see how yours turn out! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @darling.south with your finished bags!

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