DIY Succulent Garden

DIY succulent garden


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I was in Target one day (as I often find myself), and found the cutest hammered silver bowl. I brought it home, originally intending to turn it into an herb garden to keep in my kitchen. When I went to the store to pick out my herbs, I found all these adorable succulents and decided to fill my bowl with them instead. The fuzzy-leafed plant with the black edges is called a panda plant and it caught my eye immediately. I also knew I wanted an aloe plant in my garden, and from there just tried to choose plants of varying heights and shading. This project was so easy and really quick to put together.

You will need: a bowl (or other similar container), potting soil, a handful of small rocks, as many plants as will fit in your bowl (I have about 11 in mine)

Steps for building your succulent garden:

1: Arrange a few small rocks to the bottom of your bowl to help water drain away from the soil.

2: Add a layer of potting soil to the bowl.

3: Gently remove your succulents from their containers, loosening the roots slightly, and begin arranging your plants in the bowl. Consider where you want to build height with taller plants.  Once your succulents are laid out the way you like, dig a small hole for each one, adding more soil around them to cover the rest of their roots.

4: This is optional, but for added interest you could use some white pebbles or colored aquarium rocks, as well.

5. Give the succulents a bit of water, but not too much! Check the recommendations for watering the different varieties of succulents you selected. Mine need water only about every 7-10 days.

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