Decorating pumpkins is something we do every year around here, in some form or another. We didn’t carve pumpkins this year, but we did paint several and swirl nail polish on some. I really liked the idea of painting faux pumpkins to be able to enjoy for years to come, and then I got the idea to monogram one (because why not?). This project was really simple to make and I already had most of the supplies around my house. I only needed to pick up a paper mache pumpkin and sequin trim. After it was finished, I set it in a wooden tray my husband had built a couple years ago and gathered up other little pumpkins to add with it. I wanted to add some greenery to the display so it would look more like it fit for Thanksgiving and less like Halloween leftovers. I found this garland at Hobby Lobby and bought two of them to make it look fuller than just a single strand of garland.

To make your own monogram sequin pumpkin, you will need:

faux pumpkin

paint & brush

sequin trim -I used this one from Hobby Lobby

tacky glue

I started out by painting the pumpkin with some white acrylic paint and a foam brush. You could use spray paint if you wanted to, but since we are still in our rental right now, I didn’t have anywhere to mess with spray paint. I really like the texture that the brushstrokes add to it anyway. After the first coat, I let it dry and then added a second coat. Once the paint is all dry, it’s time to add your monogram. I tried tracing my initial with a pencil first and then applying the glue, but it was easier to just freehand the glue and forget about writing it out first. Just be sure to keep your glue line thin enough that it doesn’t spill out from the edges of your trim you’ve chosen. After you’ve written the initial in glue, carefully lay the sequin trim over top and gently press the sequins as you go. I decided to add a little more after I had finished my initial, so I added several dots of glue and then added the sequins in a very tight spiral to make polka dots around the pumpkin. Target still had a few of these pumpkins last time I looked, and Hobby Lobby had several when I was in yesterday picking up garland.

I’m pretty happy with how this project turned out and now I have something to display on my table through Thanksgiving. After that, it will be all the Christmas things!

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