Pom-pom Swimsuit Cover-up Tutorial

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A few weeks ago, I was looking around on Pinterest for swimsuit coverups and came across this adorable one. The tutorial looked simple, so I decided to try making one myself and take some photos of the process!


You will need:

  • 2 yards of fabric (lightweight is better)
  • 6 yards of pom pom trim (I used mini pom poms)
  • a spool of ribbon / trim for the collar
  • matching thread

First, you will want to measure how long you want your cover up to be, then add an inch to allow for seams. Fold your fabric in half and cut a semi-circle, starting at the top (where the fold is). I used my tape measure and a piece of chalk to help me draw an outline to make sure I got the length I wanted.




Cut along the outline, making sure to leave the folded side in tact.


Next, I measured how big I wanted the neck opening. Then, I cut it out along the folded edge in the center. I wanted mine to have more of a scoop neck to it, so I made my collar round. After I finished my cover up, I made another one for my daughter, but I cut her collar in more of a V shape and I loved it, too!

After all your cuts are made, it’s time to sew the hems in place. Fold over the edge of the fabric twice and sew it in place with matching thread.


Once I had all of my hems in place, I added a few stitches (about an inch and a half long), under each arm. This will help keep the cover up from sliding around on you.


Then, all that’s left is to sew on your pom poms and collar trim.


DSC_0467 copy copy

In just a few hours, we had two new cover ups! They were perfect for lounging on the beach and for wearing to the pool, too! Leave a comment and let me know if you make one for yourself!

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